I love cameras. I love reading reviews of new cameras, and I love reading about old cameras. I love the knobs and buttons and dials, the chrome and steel and plastic. I don’t know offhand how many cameras I have, but it’s more than I need. I have old film cameras that I used to use, and some that still do use. I even have books that have pictures of old cameras. But as much as I love cameras, I firmly believe that you can take great images with any camera. The key is to work within its limitations.

Dana Point Harbor – 13×13 inch print on archival museum quality materials

This image was taken on a whale-watching trip off the coast of Dana Point, California. The water was incredibly still and reflective. I brought my “good” camera, a Nikon DSLR with a good zoom lens, and shot quite a few images with it. I also shot some images with my iPhone. This shot became one of my favorites, and I shot it on the iPhone using the Hipstamatic app, which allowed me to pick a virtual film and lens combination that worked well with the subject.

It’s easy to think you have to have the biggest lens or the largest sensor or the most megapixels, and all of those things can be great to have. But don’t let equipment limit your creativity.

Signed, open edition prints are available in the shop. Produced on museum quality matte finish 100% cotton archival 260 gsm paper. Conservation mounted and matted in a 20×24 inch mat, ready for framing. Lifetime guarantee against fading.

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