Cafe Signs. Polaroid transfer/digital hybrid image.

As you can see from other entries here, I’ve had a long love affair with Polaroid and other instant films. Lately I’ve been particularly intrigued by combining instant film images with digital to create images that have the soft, grainy qualities of film combined with the sharpness available with digital. I’ve come up with a method that allows me to do this, and I’m pretty happy with the results.

This image was shot on a cold, rainy/snowing morning in downtown Billings, Montana with a Nikon digital SLR camera. I used that image to create a Polaroid image, which I transferred to printer’s paper, scanned, then combined with the original digital image.

The image below was shot in my studio (which is a fancy name for an extra bedroom in my home which serves as an office and tiny photo studio). Again, the original was shot with a Nikon digital camera, from which I made a Polaroid transfer image. Combining the two images into the finished version takes a fair but experimenting and trial and error to achieve the result I want.

Dried Roses and Window. Polaroid transfer/digital hybrid image.