This is one of a series of still life images with fruit that I shot all in one session. I used a canvas backdrop that I hand-painted for the background. In this case, I laid it out on the floor and arranged the elements on top of it so I could shoot from above.

Fruit Still Life – Polaroid Transfer with watercolor pencil

I lit the scene with floodlights and shot it with a Canon AE-1 Program 35mm film camera on Ektachrome slide film. From there, I exposed the image to Polaroid pack film, and transferred the emulsion onto vellum finished printer’s paper. The unpredictable nature of transferring the emulsion leaves random artifacts, like the pattern seen on the right edge. I also touched up the image with watercolor pencils.

Another note about this image: I didn’t have any apples in the house, so I used tomatoes. I’ve read that tomatoes are technically a fruit, the title isn’t a lie.

Polaroid transfer image, scanned, enlarged and printed on 13×19 inch matte finish archival paper.

Museum quality print available in the shop.