Other than instant film, I don’t shoot much with traditional film cameras anymore, although I’m not opposed to to picking up one my 35mm film cameras again. Some of the images on this site were shot on 35mm negative film and produced in a traditional way, while others were shot on 35mm slide film, which was then used to produce Polaroid Transfers.

My most-used film cameras:

The Canon AE-1 Program, introduced in 1981,  is one of the most popular film cameras ever produced. For anyone looking to get into film photography, there are many of these cameras available for very little money.

I used an Olympus IS-1 (introduced in 1990) as my main camera for several years before transitioning to digital. Digital single lens reflex cameras were still out of my budget, but I wanted something with auto-focus and some automated film handling capabilities. Numerous manufacturers produced ZLR or “zoom lens reflex” cameras. These were non-interchangeable-lens cameras that incorporated built-in zoom lenses.

The Yashica Electro 35, introduced in 1966, is a fun, great camera. I bought one long after they were out of production, and had great fun shooting with it. It still sits on my shelf, waiting for me to dust it off again.





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